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Our Free Web Policies Generator includes several provisions and sections to help you effectively protect your customers privacy while limiting your liability, all while adhering to the guidelines of the most notable privacy laws around the world



EU General Data
Protection Regulation



California Consumer
Privacy Act



California Online Privacy
Protection Act



Canada Personal Information
Protection and Electronic
Documents Act

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Privacy Policy for Websites / Blogs

Privacy Policy for Websites / Blogs

Most websites and blogs need privacy policies without even realizing it. Stay on the right side of the law by making a custom privacy policy for your site. You can use our products with various platforms like WordPress, Godaddy, Weebly, and more.

Privacy Policy for Mobile Apps

Privacy Policy for Mobile Apps

Even if you are not subject to laws like the GDPR and CCPA, some marketplaces — including Google Play and Apple’s App Store — require your app to have a privacy policy. Avoid getting your app suspended or removed by reviewing app stores’ guidelines and publishing a privacy policy.

Some third-party services and tools, like Google Analytics and Google Maps, require that you have a privacy policy in order to use the service. Create the perfect app privacy policy in minutes with our free web policy generator.

Privacy Policy for Third-Party Tools

Privacy Policy for Third-Party Tools

Even if you don’t think you need a privacy policy, some third-party services, like AdSense and Facebook Marketplace, require you to submit a compliant privacy policy. Our free web policy generator can help you create a personalized policy to comply with your third-party tool requirements.

Benefits from using our Web Policies

We handle the heavy load

Free Web Policies is constantly looking for regulations around the world in order to create the best and most up to date policies for your business.

Constant Updates

Free Web Policies regularly supervise all policies and if we found new updates we will contact you and let you know about it.

Manual Customization

Free Web Policies lets you edit and customize manually your policies and also lets you download them on PDF, DOCX, TXT and HTML format.

Host Policies

Free Web Policies hosts all your policies so you can integrate anywhere (WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, etc.).

How to Generate Privacy Policy

Create privacy policies for your website or app with our easy-to-use tool. It is completely free to use too.

  1. 1. Add your company information

    Fill out the forms with the required information about your business.

  2. 2. Add your website information

    Enter your website URL to allow the privacy policy generator to customize your policy to your website.

  3. 3. Your privacy policy is ready

    Free privacy policy generator is finished. Simply copy the on-screen custom policy text.

  4. 4. Add your privacy policy to your website

    You can add your privacy policy anywhere on your website, include it in the website footer for maximum visibility and ease of use.

Free Web Policies FAQs

Answers to the most popular questions about our Free Web Policies

Yes, the Free Web Policies is free to use. We provide free policies for websites and apps. You can choose to get our premium & professional Privacy Policy that includes more provisions & clauses to better protect your business, website or app.

Yes, we provide the HTML code of the Privacy Policy that you can simply copy-paste anywhere you'd like.

Yes, we provide free hosting for the Privacy Policy we help you create. You can link to your Privacy Policy from any website, regardless of the content management system or websit builder you use.

Yes, you can choose to include GDPR, CCPA + CPRA text to be added to your Privacy Policy.